Choosing the Correct Portable Mound

There are a variety of portable pitching mounds on the market and being placed with the responsibility of choosing one can be more challenging than most people would expect. I have a few standard questions I would recommend customers ask when seeking out a new portable mound. I have shared these below in hopes of making your purchase a successful one for you and your organization.

  1. Is the portable mound going to be used for actual game play or will it just be used as a training tool for pitchers? Can cleats be used on it? If you plan on using this mound for games or tournaments make sure that you ask the seller if the mound has been certified or approved for such use.
  2. What age groups will be using your portable mound? The age group or league of your team determines what the height of your mound should be. You can find the official measurements for age or league highlighted on the last page of our field dimensions buying guide. This guide is free online – or you can buy the field dimensions guide printed version for $9.95. (Great item to keep posted in the equipment storage locker!)  We also have a portable pitching mounds age chart posted online.
  1. Will it be used primarily indoors, outdoors or both? Most portable mounds have artificial turf covering them, but it’s important to ask how the mound will react to being left out in the elements. That should be determined by examining the backing of the turf and what’s lays underneath the turf. I always recommend buying a mound tarp if you’re going to keep the mound outside and exposed. Mounds can be a large investment for a lot of teams and I think a $99, 6oz. tarp is well worth it to protect that investment.
  1. How much does it weigh? Can I see the specs? How easy is it to transport? These are important questions to determine if the mound will fit in certain areas, be easy to move around, and how much space you will need for storage.
  1. Does the mound have a warranty? Can I see it before I purchase it? I recommend asking that before you buy any large product for your team. At Beacon, we have a new 100% money back guarantee on all products. Not all companies follow that model so if you order from someone else make sure to ask how they would handle it if you were dissatisfied with the product.

Portable mounds come in many varieties and it’s important you get assurance that it will perform to your team or leagues expectations. Our sales staff at Beacon is well trained in all of our portable mounds and would be happy to help you with any mound questions you may have.


Click to Enlarge! Field Dimensions Guide - Portable Mounds
Brent Schroeder

Brent Schroeder

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