Here Comes the New Kid: The Streamliner 354

Beacon AthleticsIn 2019, we introduced the newest member of the Streamliner family. The Streamliner 354 is our new 4-wheel, 35 lb capacity hopper dry line marker with some noteworthy, smart upgrades.

Improvements with this new Streamliner include moving the drive wheels from the back to the front, allowing the operator to raise the front wheels off the ground to stop the chalk flow while riding on the back wheels. It’s not necessary to turn the chalk off at the control rod. This feature comes in handy when drawing lots of short lines like when you’re outlining the batter’s and catcher’s boxes.

Beacon AthleticsAlso new is the relocated line guide which the operator can easily see when looking right down the handle shaft. We also increased the separation of the hopper from the handle shaft for much better visibility, making it possible for the operator to actually watch the chalk drop right onto the baseline soil. Our string line guide has been moved to the base of the handle shaft on this 354 unit to assist the operator in properly lining up the chalker with the string line. And speaking of the handle, the Streamliner 354 sports a new ergonomic handle similar to a bicycle for easier control and maneuverability.

Beacon AthleticsI have personally used this chalker at our testing facility in Madison, Wisconsin, and can definitely say it is my favorite of all of the Streamliners. Other crew members who have used the 354 have felt the same way. Give this unit a try and see what you think… we’re confident you won’t be disappointed.

Paul Zwaska

Paul Zwaska

A former head groundskeeper for the Baltimore Orioles, Paul graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1984 with a Bachelor's in Soil Science with a specialty in Turf & Grounds Management. Paul took over as head groundskeeper for the Orioles’ final season at old Memorial Stadium in Baltimore and then was heavily involved throughout the design and construction phases of Oriole Park at Camden Yards which debuted on April 4, 1992. Paul has led Technical Sales Support at Beacon Athletics since the summer of 2000. In 2012, Paul authored and oversaw the launch of "Groundskeeper University", the first online ballfield maintenance training venue. Over the years, Paul has donated thousands of hours working with West Madison Little League, which also plays a critical role in the research and development for many of Beacon’s innovative field maintenance tools.