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Contributing writers bring unmatched expertise to version 3.0…

Our newly updated and expanded Ballfield Dimensions & Reference Guide is now on its sixth iteration and this version just got a whole lot better, thanks to some new key contributors.

We’ve expanded the guide from 32 to 48 pages with more information about soils and field amenities. We brought in experts to collaborate on these topics to bring a fresh perspective and bring you the best information possible. Here’s a summary of the contributors who helped bring Version 3.0 to life.

DuraEdgeGrant McKnight and Luke Yoder, DuraEdge — A ballfield groundskeeper’s reputation is largely based on the infield skin they keep. Grant and Luke have tremendous knowledge in all aspects of the infield skin, from the make-up of the base soil to the various topdressings that help you manage the surface of the infield soil. They can help you rescue a struggling infield skin or prescribe the best soil make-up for a new infield. Be sure to checkout the expanded portion of the infield soils and topdressings section in the guide. Grant is the owner of DuraEdge while Luke brings MLB groundskeeping experience from the San Diego Padres and Pittsburg Pirates.

4MostRoss Clites, 4Most Sport Group — Ross operates an outdoor sports facility design company that draws on his playing and coaching experiences and operational knowledge of the game of baseball to skillfully design ballfield facilities that work for both the ballplayers and those that operate and maintain the facility. His contributions shine in the surface grade, dugout and warning track portions, as well as others, in our 2020 guide update. His graphic depictions of surface grades helps the reader to easily understand the geography of the playing field surface.

BeaconAthletics Benji Brye and Elliot Hansen, Beacon Athletics — Within the walls of Beacon we also tapped our top project designers and engineers to give readers some basic knowledge on the verticals of a ballfield. The verticals are everything that surrounds the ballfield itself. The facility amenity section of the Ballfield Dimension Guide is brand-new. In it, Benji and Elliot provide knowledge about backstops, dugouts, batting cages and windscreen to help you make better educated decisions when equipping your own facility.

Beacon AthleticsPaul Zwaska, Beacon Athletics — The former head groundskeeper for the Baltimore Orioles for more than 15 years, I add an additional two decades of experience providing knowledge and field consulting to Beacon customers. I also provide innovative approaches to some of our Beacon Built products. I authored Groundskeeper University, the first online ballfield maintenance training venue, which continues to provide innovative ways to help groundskeepers.

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Paul Zwaska

A former head groundskeeper for the Baltimore Orioles, Paul has been with Beacon for more than two decades. Among his many accomplishments he authored Groundskeeper University, the first online ballfield maintenance training venue. Paul continues to seek innovative ways to help groundskeepers.

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