The 2020 Redesigned Adjustable Weight Nail Drag

Feedback drives innovation to make a great nail drag even better.

In 2012 Beacon Athletics introduced the Adjustable Weight Nail Drag as part of a family of products that utilizes Beacon’s convenient to carry rubber field weights. It became a top-selling nail drag and a customer favorite for the next 7 years because of its ability to help groundskeepers be more efficient with renovation work, game day field prep, and after a rain event. And by making it easy to add or remove weight, you could always get the scarifying depth you wanted.

Despite its popularity, from time to time we would receive constructive feedback from customers. In our quest to make great products even better, we listened. A few customers were having were difficulty balancing the drag during operation while others were experiencing warping of the plastic lumber resulting from excessive exposure to sunlight.

To address these issues, Beacon’s R&D team deconstructed and redesigned the nail drag to make 3 major improvements.

  1. Better rigidity, strength and no more warping. We beefed up the body of the unit using an extruded aluminum piece that would encase the plastic lumber which stiffened the product and removed the UV exposure problem. The plastic lumber is assembled with the nails and then slid into the end of the extruded aluminum casement which acts to hold the nails in place while stabilizing the lumber.
  2. Improved balance and double the scarifying. We increased the depth of the nail drag footprint by adding a second double row of nails. This provides a broader footprint to keep the drag level when towing making it less likely it will lean forward or backward. With the additional nails, you can now scarify the surface of the infield in one pass.
  3. Ability to add more weight. We added a third weight post on the drag to increase its capacity for additional field weights. It can now hold up to 9 Beacon Field Weights for a total of an additional 63 lbs to give you improved penetration on harder infield skins.

The drag still includes rear clip options so you can attach finishing drags for a one-pass dragging solution. Drags such as the Flexible Steel Mat Drag or Cocoa Mat Drag can be added for nailing and finishing, all in a single pass.

Welcome to the new Adjustable Weight Nail Drag!

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Paul Zwaska

A former head groundskeeper for the Baltimore Orioles, Paul has been a frequent contributor to Beacon’s Ballfield Blog and other resources and products. Among other contributions to Beacon, he authored Groundskeeper University, the pioneering online ballfield maintenance training venue.

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