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The unprecedented measures being implemented across the country are no doubt presenting some difficult challenges for all of us. As we remain open and operational (remotely) during this period, we are continuing to reach out to industry professionals and the ballfield community. We’ve also been discussing the impact of COVID-19 with our customers, people like you. Some great ideas are emerging as we all adapt to the situation. We will be documenting and sharing these ideas here, so keep an eye on this post moving forward.

Please drop us a note if you would like to share an idea of your own, we’d love to hear it. Our goal is to get these great ideas out there so as many ballfield professionals as possible can benefit. Here are a few ideas to get things started:

  1. Some schools we work with have temporarily changed their shipping addresses to a home address to receive shipment of their field products and tools so they can still keep things moving forward at their ballfield.
  2. If your team budget is a “use it or lose it” situation, consider what had been allocated for paying umpires, travel costs, etc., and instead repurpose that money to purchase equipment and make updates to your fields.
  3. If your season or league is ultimately canceled, ask your members to donate their league dues. Many families are not asking for a refund. The money could then be reassigned to address fall projects to keep the field / facility updated and upgraded.
  4. Look for creative ways to practice social distancing at the ballpark, but still get essential work done in preparation for the return of games. While one person is mowing the outfield, another can be working on the mound, while still another can be installing on base anchors. Just keep your distance from each other and practice common sense sanitizing of all tools and equipment.
Beacon Athletics

Beacon Athletics

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