Ballfield Projects Your Peers Are Working On During the Crisis

Responses to our recent Peer Survey clearly indicate everyone has something to fix. There’s no shortage of areas that need attention or things that can be improved with their ballfield facility. Most of the respondents have a long list of things they need to do to get their fields ready to play once the public health crisis settles and games resume.

Here is the list of projects mentioned (by area and popularity):

Mounds/Pitching Areas (30%) It’s to no one’s surprise that working your mound area tops the project list across all sports fields from community parks to college fields. And why not? Every ball put in play starts at the pitching rubber and is one of the areas that take the largest abuse.

Home Plate / Batter’s Box (20%)
Renovations to this area is also a big focus area. With batters digging in the box, these areas take a lot of abuse.

Field Grade / Leveling (10%)
Dealing with the low spots.

Fencing and Windscreens (10%)
Projects in this category vary from adding fence padding at the dugouts to making general appearance updates, including finishing up getting their windscreens installed and marking their temporary fence anchors.

Infield Lips (10%)
This is a common problem area for most fields when field grooming isn’t done properly.

The Bullpen (7%)
Another focus that is mound-related. Since it’s not on the field of play it’s easier to neglect your bullpen. In some cases, organizations are adding a dedicated bullpen area.

Miscellaneous (3%)
Fixing netting issues, addressing turf including aeration, installing and fixing scoreboards, converting baseball to softball fields, installing and dressing up batting cages. Irrigation checks…


NOTE: the responses below are shown exactly as they were submitted.

Parks & Recreation

  • Infield work. Lip removal. Field irrigation – “Finish installing scoreboards. Possibly install batting cage. Get infield ready and bases installed.”
  • Completed batting cage renovations last week as that was the first week of cancelations. In the coming weeks we will be pushing fertilizer to help grow in the heavy used areas as we are southern fields and suffer turf damage in the non growing season.
  • We are in the middle of a park renovation and the goal is to finish the project and have fields playable by June 1st. Infield mix is onsite for 4 softball fields and we just need the fields to dry out so we can start up again after the winter.
  • With the completion of a 2.2 million dollar facility proudly showcasing 4 little league/youth softball fields, we are now facing a field shortage due to increased participation and will look toward expansion. That will include renovating, upgrading, and remodeling existing men’s softball fields and repurposing them into safe and functional youth and men’s softball fields.
  • Build dugouts, shelters, playground.
  • Mound and batters box rebuild, lip removal.
  • Rehabbing and reinforcing batter’s areas and pitching areas. We have 6 different pitching distances to maintain over our seasons, so our mound areas get a workout.
  • Installing poles and nets for safety, renovate the baseball pitching mound, buying new grow covers and a home plate cover for Cooper Baseball Field. Re-sodding some worn areas on Cooper as well.
  • Releveling the infields, packing clay for fast pitch, batter’s boxes, power washing stadium seating and concrete, irrigation checks and adjustments and landscape duties.
  • Cutting down grass edge, adding bullpen.
  • Home plate, Pitcher Mounds, Lips, and levelling the infield.
  • Mound renovation, build bullpens, install irrigation, possibly regrade infields.
  • Laser grade fields and put on new topping.
  • We are completing all of our natural turf maintenance procedures including aeration, fertilization and pre-emergent crabgrass control.
  • Installation of rubber mats in batter’s boxes, backstop renovation, lip and margin clean up. Back to basics with time now to be thorough.
  • Looking to replace/repair ballfield netting, updating baseline padding, painting and resurfacing the floor of our gymnasium.
  • Fencing improvements and improving the appearance of the entire facility.
  • Home plate renovation, fencing, topdressing, and field renovation.
  • We have a lot of projects to do. We need to remove an old Jox box that has worn through and is warped. Our large Ball field was renovated last season and added a new infield the contractor still has to come back when the snow is melted to finish certain things like move sprinkler heads and they buried our valve boxes for player safety they are marking the fencing so we can find them. The score board is still to be installed. among many other things.
  • Mound, home plate, batters box to be fixed, push back the home run fence (make it all 400 ft.) right around. Anchor down the bases. Fix all lips around the field. Fix all dugouts and spectators stand & officials booth, and put in a score board, & a just the lightning.
  • Converting hardball diamonds to softball diamonds. Preparing fields for the upcoming season.

K-12 Schools and Youth League Fields

  • We will be renovating our bullpens and getting them back into shape to mimic our on-field mound. We will also be rebuilding our warning track that has become more overgrown or washed away. Lastly, we are repairing nets that have been damaged or worn thin in anticipation of someday getting back to the business of baseball.
  • Pitching rubber block renovation, scoreboard light bulb updates, finish field windscreens.
  • Home plate, winter kill, mound maintenance.
  • We are having all our edges redone this spring.
  • I just spread a ton and a half of Infield conditioner on our field. We’ll need to do some work on our outfield surface and due to the lack of spring season, really figure out how to make up for lost fundraising income.
  • Mound and plate renovation, spend time we normally do not have on fixing up the dugouts, and addressing turf issues.
  • Jet wash infield lip!! Aerate outfield grass.
  • New home plates, base plugs, reset sprinkler heads, redefine infield lip edge, dugout improvements.
  • Add infield dirt, level and drag. Edge infield. Rebuild pitching mound.
  • Mound and home plate repair!!
  • Biggest thing we are working on is building indoor hitting facility. Outside we are renovating home bullpen area to get 3 mounds.
  • Rebuild our mound and homeplate areas. Level and new plate and rubber.
  • Mound and home plate renovation. Squaring up bases.
  • Warning track modifications, replacing home plate, re-doing our visitor bullpen netting, and dugout railing.
  • Softball – pitching mound and batters box clay bricks, infield top soil and turface replaced, grade/crown.
  • Mound and Home Plate renovation.
  • Surface upgrades.
  • Dugout fence padding.
  • Bleacher repairs.
  • Mound and home plate renovation.
  • Planning a new indoor facility, what to conifer to make it able to handle multiple teams of baseball, softball, and golf, youth through high school.
  • Mound repair and setting a new home plate and pitching rubber.
  • Rebuild of home plate area. Tiling to remove drain water faster!
  • Renovation of pitching runner by adding blocks for my softball pitcher, clean up and paint.
  • Work on upgrading warm up areas, repair of press box. Also staying on top of everyday maintenance i.e. lips, batter box at home plate, warning track upgrade and common areas outside of the field.
  • New clay for mound and batter/ catchers boxes.
  • I can seed irrigate and mow during the crisis. Nothing else.
  • Mound renovation, beginning research for turf install.
  • Batting cages.
  • Dealing with low spots in the OF and OF drainage solutions.
  • Grass replacement or turf around the halo of home plate, cutting out new areas around 1st/3rd, OF seeding, new protective L screens for cages.
  • We are in the process of installing three new 14′ x 80′, batting tunnels in our 100′ x 50′ field house. In keeping with the social space guidelines this makes it difficult to accomplish.
  • Just replaced home plate added box fortifications, spraying a lot of weeds, dragging at least twice a week and cleaning up areas that have needed attention for several years. Stuff I can do alone!
  • Rehabbing and reinforcing batter’s areas and pitching areas. We have 6 different pitching distances to maintain over our seasons so our mound areas get a workout.
  • Re-leveling the infields, packing clay for fast pitch, batter’s boxes, power washing stadium seating and concrete, irrigation checks and adjustments and landscape duties.
  • Home plate renovation, fencing, topdressing, and field renovation.
  • Fence caps, field grooming, batting cage.
  • Started fall projects now and fields will be playable if season starts in May.
  • Installation of fence cap, infield maintenance, installation of score boards.

Colleges and Professional Fields

  • Lips and getting ready to verticut to get the Bermuda going.
  • We still must maintain them. So we are preparing the fields for use. Fertilizer, grading, etc.
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