SURVEY RESULTS: What Steps Are You Taking?

A few weeks ago, we asked the ballfield community to share their playing status during the ongoing public health crisis. We also asked for some insight into how leagues and facilities were safely welcoming back players, coaches, and families. For a look at our Top Ten Play Safe Suggestions, visit our COVID-19 Developments page.

Below are the complete answers that were submitted by respondents who reported they were getting back to playing… we asked them about playing safe: “What steps are you taking to protect players, coaches, spectators, and staff?”

We have limited access to playing area. Spectators are limited to two per player and must remain in outfield area to watch games. Social distancing in dugouts. Staggered game times to allow time for proper sanitizing dugouts after each team change. Masks are mandatory when moving throughout the facility. Masks can only be removed while seated viewing a game.

Distancing Disinfecting equipment Using our baseballs only, when on defense. Opponent uses theirs to pitch, when in the field. No contact with opposition, i.e. handshakes before & after. Extended dugout/bench areas.

We have closed off all bleachers and restricted fans from getting within 6′ of the dugout. Players are required to be spread out throughout dugout and designated space outside of the dugout. Teams are required to use their own balls while they are in the field of play and balls are required to be sanitized throughout the game, umpires do not handle any balls. Dugouts are sanitized after every game, no sunflower seeds, gum or spitting is allowed. All players including catchers are only allowed to use their own gear (bats, helmets, masks, gloves, etc.).

Social distancing where we can, masks when not on the field, sanitizing players hands whenever we can. Only use your teams baseballs.

Only umpires in the field, 3 players per dugout the rest are in chairs outside the dugout, must enter the field from the dugout and leave the field from the 1st base ore 3rd base opening, 3 baseballs per team and only use each defense balls when they are on the field, wash balls each night with bleach rotate old balls into games after 2 days of drying, only pitching machine balls in cages and rinse in bleach water once team is done, made 5 gallon buckets with holes to rinse balls in another 5 gallon bucket with bleach solution. Staff wears gloves and masks, parents ask to social distance except within the same family. Only pre packaged items sold at concession stand.

We followed our state guidelines by blocking off Bleachers, disinfecting bathrooms every hour, disinfecting dugouts after every game, using social distancing of our players, no contact after games between teams, no sunflower seeds, limited concessions to packaged items, and everyone using hand sanitizer often.

This list of guidelines is for our local leagues. All players, coaches, fans, spectator are present at their own free will and assume personal responsibility for themselves. Players and Coaches (Stay home if you are not feeling well) – Only coaches and players in designated dugout areas. These areas include the field, dugout, and inside the white painted lines adjoining the dugout. – Some players should bring chairs to sit outside the dugout in the designated areas. – Hand sanitizer will be available in or near the dugout for players and coaches only. Spectators must provide their own at the fields. Restrooms are available for washing hands. – A disinfectant solution (EPA rates 5 second kill time) and microfiber towels to wipe off solution will be provided to each coach. – Two sets of catcher’s gear will be provided per team. Catchers gear will be wiped down after each use and between if a catching change is made. Coaches will use the other set of gear first. If your son/daughter plays catcher it is suggested that you purchase your own equipment. – Each team will provide their own game balls for when their team is in the field. Coaches will need to assist umpires with foul balls and getting a getting a ball back to the pitcher. – No high fives with or without batting gloves. – Social distancing should be followed whenever and wherever possible. – No huddles – No team conference on the field – Athletes need to bring enough water for themselves. – At the conclusion of each game players will lineup at their respective foul line and “tip their cap” or provide a wave to their opponent as a sign of sportsmanship. 6 feet social distancing must be kept and by teammates & opponents Parents, Fans, and Spectators (Stay home if you are not feeling well) – Bleachers will not be used. – Social distancing is required. – Must bring your own seats/chairs – Provide you own PPE and hand sanitizer etc. – If your son/daughter plays catcher it is suggested that you purchase your own equipment. – Bring enough water for your athlete. – You are personally responsible for your actions. We appreciate your cooperation and assistance with the following guidelines. We are all in this together.

Extending dugouts, closing access to bleachers, limited individuals in restrooms at one time, marking social distancing in spectator areas, required notification if any player travels out of local area (must pass health check before being allowed to participate).

COVID Program Plan for each activity usage. P&R or permitted usage requires a COVID Plan that addresses contact exposure protocols for the program. Facial coverings, 6ft sedentary distancing, expanded dugout seating for physical distancing, limited spectators based on outdoor participation numbers or pods, sanitizer frequently to the hands, washing of hands before and after play and sanitation of equipment prior too and after play, proper educational signage and includes all CDC recommendations.

Spectators limited to outfield, must social distance. Players don’t use dugout, hang gear on fence. Masks anywhere off-field.

We take temperature of players as they enter the field, we try and spread them 6 feet apart, we sanitize their hands coming into the field and after the game. We have sanitizer available during the game along with Lysol wipes. Umpire calls balls and strikes from behind the mound, No high fives, hugs or fist bumps. No gum or seeds. Coaches and umpires wear masks.

We are social distanced in bleachers with spots marked and around all area outside of fields also everybody has to wear a mask. We have added more space to our dugouts to keep safe distance there also coaches and players also wear mask.We only allow certain amount of guests to come to the games. Staff wears a mask and gloves and cleans surfaces after every game. Bathrooms are cleaned every 30 minutes as well as anything that we think needs to be cleaned. We have hired extra people to make sure all of this is done well. Any complaints are taken care of right then and there.

Dugouts are closed. Bleachers open to players distanced but encouraged to bring their own chairs and set up 6′ apart. No shared water or equipment. Hand sanitizer installed at fields and encouraged in each player’s bag to be used between innings. Been to tournaments where only home can play with home balls and visitors play with visitor balls.

50 persons max per field including coaches, players, umps and fans/parents. Restrooms and high touch areas are sanitized 4 times per day. And of course CDC guidelines.

We spray the dugouts, benches and bleachers. We keep everyone (not on the field) 6 feet apart. They have to wear face coverings if less than that.

Spacing in dugouts, temp checks, sanitizing balls each team using their own balls as much as possible.

Coaches responsible for supplying own balls for own team. No seating at venue — limiting number of spectators to two per player and they must bring own chairs. Providing hand sanitizer. Coaches asked to wear masks.

Umpires are wearing face coverings and using social distancing mechanics, limiting contact with balls. Parents, teams, coaches are being less compliant, using dugout, not wearing masks and spectators sitting close together. So far, our umpires are staying healthy.

Temperatures of all players and coaches on the field. All coaches and players must wear masks in the dugout and in the coaches boxes. Spectators must be 6 feet apart and must wear masks. All umpiring will be done behind the mound and on bases. Umpires must wear masks too.

Our local parks rules & guidelines: Teams are responsible for cleaning their dugout after each game. Teams should not enter the dugout until the other team completely exits. Teams coming on the field for the next game may sit in the bleachers using social distancing. It is recommended that teams should thoroughly wipe down the dugout upon entrance. Warm-ups should only take place in the outfield. There are warmup areas outside the right field and left center fences. Our batting cages will be closed this year. No chewing gum or sunflower seeds allowed in the park. Pre-Game Meeting/Coaches One coach is allowed from each team and must properly social distance for the pregame meeting. Only 3 adult coaches allowed in the dugout. This includes a scorekeeper who must be inside the dugout area or outside in the outfield. Coaches may not enter field to argue or question an umpire. Time can be called to ask a question of an umpire but the coach can only go up to the foul line to maintain social distancing. Ball/strike calls cannot be questioned. Umpires do not need to receive a lineup from each team. Umpires will call balls and strikes behind the pitcher until further notice Report final score of the game to the umpire or field attendant who will report to tournament officials. Spectators Permitted in the outfield and deep along the first base foul lines. No bleachers. Spectators should bring their own chairs. Spectators will NOT be allowed in the bleacher areas between 1st and 3rd. This is for players/coaches only. Parking inside the park is limited and congested. Be careful/drive slowly as spectators are sitting in outfield along the shoulder of the road. Spectators should not enter the park until your team is scheduled to play to alleviate parking problems and to encourage social distancing. Street parking in the neighborhood is available and is recommended. After Game No handshakes or high fives after the game. Teams should immediately clean their dugout and remove their equipment from the field. No team meetings on the field after the game. Hold these meetings outside the field and distance yourself from others. If you have a team meeting after a game, please take your team off the field and away from the dugouts. Distance your team from the playing field Restrooms Bathrooms are open during games and located on the 3rd base side of the park. Only 2 people allowed in the bathrooms at the same time. Please help us keep the bathrooms clean. If any products needed notify the groundskeeper.

Taking player temperatures. Players hand sanitizing. Baseballs sanitized. No players in dugouts. Players masks on while not on field. Coaches masks on full time. No spectators allowed.

Practices only, limited to five or less from outside of your immediate household. That’s the stated rule but is anybody following the rules? No.

No masks required when 6’+ apart. Bleachers open to spectators. Same rules as above. Approximately 30 games were played during June and July with no issues.

Our field is in Oregon and we just followed the guidelines from our city. We posted signage all through out the stadium to practice social distancing as much as possible. We kept our restrooms clean and stocked with hand sanitizer and soap as well. We told all teams that came to play it was up to them if they wanted to wear masks or not. We just finished up our summer ball play at our stadium and didn’t have one report of any kid and or fan getting the Covid-19 virus. There were no high fives or hand shaking hands between teams.

Distancing with players when possible, parents at games and limiting sharing of equipment.

We are playing ball in Indiana we are social distancing from other staying with in our own group mask when needed.

No handshakes, high fives, etc. No spitting on or around the field or dugout areas. Provision of hand sanitizer for use throughout practices/game as desired.

Masks if we are not social distancing on the field, screening temperatures and symptoms upon arrival to the field. Parents are to monitor symptoms as well at home to relay any information to the coaching staff.

When not in the field, players are 6′ apart from each other along the out of play side of fence starting at the bench — dugout area. 4 players max allowed in the covered bench area at a time. No throwing g the ball around the infield after outscoring at 1st or after strikeouts. Each team supplies baseballs for their pitchers. No group collies. Ump off to the side of home plate area, field ump calls pitches.

All leagues must submit plans to our town’s Covid-19 committee which has representatives from, police, fire, and health departments for review.

As parents, we are encouraging and finding ways to help our young (elementary age) children to participate in activities outside of the house. We are reminding parents when they are watching, and engaging with the kids to be cognizant of their proximity to the kids, and to continue to practice healthy behaviors. We use sports and outdoor activities as a way to continue to educate the children on proper social interaction and the importance of participating in life during these times.

Masks, social distancing, spraying with Lysol, taking temperatures, providing hand sanitizer, not allowing fans inside confines of the field (they can sit outside and watch from afar), we use “home” and “visitor” game balls to limit contamination from one team to the other.

Social distancing. Sanitizing shared equipment like helmets and bats We just completed a 540 game season over 7 week season and no cases of corona virus reported of our 1100 players.

We are taking the temperature of members of our staff when they arrive at the field. We are also asking them the Covid-19 questions. We closed our dugouts so we could spread the kids out. We don’t shake hands. Instead after each game the players line up on 1st and 3rd baseline and tip their hats to each other. We give each team a ball, and only that team handles that ball, so that we don’t cross contaminate with baseballs. We sanitize the balls after each game. We have asked our coaches to continually monitor themselves and their players, by asking the questions before they come to the ballpark. If a player answers yes to any of the questions, we asked that they stay home. We also asked the coaches to stress to the parents and the kids to social distance when they are at the park. A lot of the parents bring their own chairs so they can sit with their family group and not in the bleachers. This season is far from normal, but the coaches, players and parents seem to be doing a great job. Also, I am hearing that everyone is really glad to be back at the ballpark!

We are playing softball at 50% capacity so only one field. Tubs of Steramine food-grade sanitizer are available for staff and players to dip their hands in. Bar and bathrooms are also sanitized with Steramine. For volleyball we are playing at 100% capacity so 22 courts. Tubs of Steramine are by each court if people need to touch their face. Balls are rolled in Steramine after each match. Softball complexes might consider a tub in each dugout. Our patio areas have the same number of tables and chairs but are spread out across twice the space. To my knowledge there have been two players contract Covid-19 but there has been no transmission to other team members.

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