STREAMLINER WINNER: Byron Township Little League

“If you line it, they will use it!”

Beacon Athletics Streamliner WinnerDiscovering just how important their facility is to their community, the folks at Byron Township Little League also realized all the ways their ballpark could bring families together during the challenging circumstances of Covid-19.

The community was still able to enjoy “some perfect summer evenings” despite those challenges and remained a place people could relax and enjoy being outside.

Despite their little league season being cancelled in 2020, they are looking forward to ballgames and better days in 2021. Beacon Athletics is proud to award the Byron Township Little League a new Streamliner Field Chalker in celebration of the legendary chalker’s 20th Anniversary.

Scroll to read the story of Byron Township Little League in Byron Center, Michigan, as told by Crystal Laska, Parks & Recreation Director.


Byron Township Little League

Beacon Athletics Streamliner WinnerOur parks and especially our ball fields have always been a haven for activity in the spring and summer but with COVID in full force we found ourselves facing more traffic and activities because outside activities were the only option. We went from having mainly adult and youth softball leagues to adding lacrosse, flag football, kickball, ultimate frisbee, soccer camps, even archery! We discovered that if you line it, they will use it!

Soon we were hosting events every weekend with teams from all over the state to weeknight family fun nights in our parks and on our fields. We discovered that our parks and fields could bring families together during a really stressful time but also bring the community together and even find ways to support local businesses right in our parks. Families would come up and play a little homerun derby or play frisbee and then grab dinner from a food truck and just sit in the park and enjoy. Looking back those were some perfect summer evenings one would never have guessed we were in the midst of COVID. The park was the place people went to step back and soak in time with their people.

Some days we would line the fields just so the neighborhood kids could throw a game together. They didn’t need umpires or fans they just needed to play. Seeing a prepped field waiting for them made their day.

Crystal Laska, Parks & Recreation Director, Byron Center, MI

Beacon Athletics Streamliner WinnerSummer led into fall and we never slowed down instead we just got creative about where and what we offered. Right now there is snow on the ground and people have grown so used to coming here that they are still snow shoeing, cross country skiing and making snowmen on our soccer fields or the softball outfield space. I really feel that people have remembered the joy of being outside and being together and that will continue.

Last year our local Little League season was cancelled and we had many heartbroken ball players wandering around the park. Some days we would line the fields just so the neighborhood kids could throw a game together. They didn’t need umpires and fans they just needed to play and seeing a prepped field just waiting for them made their day. This year we will be putting extra attention and effort into making sure this coming season makes up for the loss of last year. These kids deserve to smile every time they walk unto the field.

As we move into the spring and the high traffic park time we are working harder than ever to provide the best opportunities we can for our community and all or our visitors. We will be working with the local chamber to find more ways to support local at our events and really reach out to the community. Some of our larger tournaments from last year are already growing in size to the local economy will hopefully see a boost as well. We are not just a park or just ballfields we are an important piece of our community.

Streamliner 20th Contest Details

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