STREAMLINER WINNER: Helena (MT) High School Softball

“I cannot wait to start this year…”

Beacon Athletics Streamliner WinnerThat sentiment speaks to the high hopes for 2021 after the disruptions we all endured last spring as the public health crisis lead to postponements and cancellations of games — even entire seasons — all around the country. Everyone is eager to get back to the ballfields.

As is the case at many high school programs, players with the Helena (MT) High School softball program factor heavily into preparing and maintaining their ballfields. And, that often carries over into summer programs for youth leagues as well. But that was all interrupted last year.

Those around the softball program at Helena High are anxious to get back together — not only for the games, but for the camaraderie that comes from just being together — including while working on field maintenance. In that spirit, Beacon Athletics is proud to award the Helena High School softball program a new Streamliner Field Chalker in celebration of the legendary chalker’s 20th Anniversary.

Scroll to read the story of the Helena High School softball program in Helena, MT, as told by their head coach, Ryan Schulte.


Helena High Softball

Beacon Athletics Streamliner WinnerThe fields at our high school play host to a variety of teams, age groups, events, and practices. Starting in early March, my high school teams begin practices. In early April, our fields host practices as well as games for 8-, 9-, and 10-year-old future Bengals. My high school players conclude each practice by raking, dragging, tamping, and chalking the fields so the young ladies who follow them have the best possible playing surface.

More times than not, the younger girls join them in the field maintenance process. As our season wraps up in June, a new group of little softballers start their season. So, our high school girls take turns during the month prepping the fields so these 4-, 5-, and 6-year-old future Bengals have brand new chalk lines to run through for their game.

The very first thing our girls are going to do is rake and chalk the field — together.

Ryan Schulte, head coach, Helena High School Softball


Beacon Athletics Streamliner WinnerLast spring COVID cancelled every one of the seasons I just mentioned. That meant we missed out on Senior Day, which we celebrated in a unique way as you can see in the picture. We also missed out on the camaraderie we typically build together as a team working on our fields. We missed out on the mentorship opportunities that occur when little girls come out to help rake the fields. We missed out on summer camps and an opportunity to develop our future players.

Ultimately, COVID meant our fields were quiet. As a coach, I cannot wait to start this year and to hear the voices of the young ladies back playing the game they love. The very first thing our girls are going to do is rake and chalk the field — together. Because this is how we as a program give back to our community, our program, our school. And it’s how we pay it forward to the little girls that will someday wear their Bengal jersey with pride.

Streamliner 20th Contest Details

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