Make Base Maintenance a Priority

Bases are an integral component of the game. Only the pitching rubber receives more concentrated foot traffic. A quick inspection process combined with good preventative maintenance can go a long way in preventing base failure, player injury, and unwanted lawsuits. Keep a detailed log of base inspections and maintenance procedures to help protect you and your organization from a lawsuit. Below are a few suggestions for inspecting and maintaining your bases:

  • Turn each base upside down and check attached anchor stanchion for loose screws, bolts, and rusted or broken welds. Document all observations thoroughly.
  • Turn each base right side up and check condition of base cover. Look for rips and cuts in the rubber or canvas. These are potential tripping hazards for ballplayers. Repair or replace them immediately.
  • Make sure all bases retain good surface texture and resiliency. Smooth base covers or bases that have lost all resiliency present a slipping hazard to ballplayers. It is preferable to clean bases with a quality tire or vinyl cleaner rather than apply multiple layers of paint, which may cause the base cover to harden over time.

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