Choosing a Portable Pitching Mound: The Perfect Mound vs. Pitch Pro vs. True Pitch

When it comes to picking the right portable pitching mound, you need the right information. Choosing the best pitching mound can be a challenge and we often receive emails asking questions like this:

“I am looking at replacing our portable pitching mound and I’m wondering which one is best and if you an explain the differences between them? Also, what is the difference between indoor & outdoor mounds? Is there anything else I should know?”

To answer these questions, we will focus on portable indoor mounds as there are a variety of them on the market and if it’s your responsibility to choose one, you should know it can appear more complicated than you would expect.

The pitching mound is the heart of any ballfield, and it is important that you select the right one to fit your ballfield’s needs. Portable pitching mounds can be an asset to any level baseball program. They are available in three types: game mounds, practice mounds, and bullpen/platform mounds.


  • Compatible with artificial turf fields
  • Offer flexibility in pitching distance for different age levels
  • Invaluable for winter training as it’s a big advantage pitching off a built to spec mound when working inside

Game Mounds and Practice Mounds

The highest quality portable game mound is The Perfect Mound. It can be found being used at high-level ballfields around the country — the University of Notre Dame, for example, uses The Perfect Mound during its games! The perfect mound is a large, but worthwhile, investment of over $13,000 for the adult mound and $5,000 for the youth mound. This mound is absolutely designed to be a game mound.

The Perfect Mound Benefits:

  • Constructed of high-quality lightweight fiberglass
  • Replicates the feel of a real dirt mound
  • Covered with an artificial turf that is easily repairable
  • Designed to MLB size and slope specifications
  • Separates into six pieces so two people can carry and assemble

The Pitch Pro and True Pitch portable mounds are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and approved for all levels of play. Both provide you with a quality portable pitching mound at a reasonable cost. These mounds can be used as both a more affordable portable game mound, and as practice mounds.

Pitch Pro Mound Benefits:
Pro Pitch Portable Mound

  • Constructed with a fiberglass core covered by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Available with repair kits: turf, launch pad, and pitching rubber
  • Available in various mound height specifications for all age groups

True Pitch Mound Benefits:

  • Approved for game and tournament play for Little League baseball, Babe Ruth League, and Cal Ripken League
  • Made with a fiberglass core
  • Available in various mound height specifications for all age groups


Bullpen / Platform Mounds

Platform Portable Pitching MoundWe categorize the Platform Mound as a practice mound as they are designed so coaches can simulate the elevated height and angle at which the ball is released. This allows the batter to have a more realistic read on the pitch. These mounds are rectangular and have sides that do not allow for pick off throws to first base, and so should not be used a game mound.


Indoor Practice Mound

sIndoor mounds can be a huge advantage to your pitchers year round. The ProMounds Practice Mounds are made from a high-density foam that makes it lightweight and easy to move. These mounds are skid-proof and scuff-proof, and allow pitchers to train in any indoor facility or gym. The ProMounds Practice Mounds range from $900 – $1,100 depending on size.

Reference this table to compare the many different mounds out there: View Portable Pitching Mound Comparison Table

Game Mounds Bullpen Mounds Practice Mounds

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