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Field dimensions. How-to’s. Soil calculators. It’s all here…

Ballfields.com is a big reason why Beacon Athletics has become “The Ultimate Ballfield Resource”. Not only are there baseball field tips, blog articles, and a dedicated groundskeeper’s podcast, but we also feature this online ballfield dimensions guide. Here you’ll find everything you need for how to layout your baseball diamond or softball field. From determining how much space you’ll need to tips for how to layout your field with regards to the sun’s angle at the time of day most games are played, we have answers. There’s also how-to’s and step-by-step information for things like setting base anchors or building a warning track. When it comes to figuring out your soil needs, you’ll learn about soil tests, the various soil entities, and more. There’s even a series of time-saving calculators for estimating infield soil needs and how much soil is in your stockpile.

Beacon’s team of “experts in the field” have been providing the tools, training, and expertise for managing your facility since 1948. Our goal is to empower you with everything you’ll need to accurately lay out your ballfield to the specifications of your ruling league.

Use the navigation above in the brown bar or click a link from the buttons below to get started. Just select your league’s governing body and level of play from the league menu in the upper right and you’ll get the ballfield information specific to your field. If you need any tools or materials, you can get everything you’ll need from the Beacon Store. Just glance at the right sidebar for any recommended products related to the information you’re viewing.

FDG-1-768x512Remember, the print version of the Ballfield Dimensions & Reference Guide puts all of the diagrams and tables together in a format you can take right out onto the field if you don’t want to get your tablet or smartphone full of dirt. Click below to download the latest PDF of the print version.

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One way or the other, this is your comprehensive resource for ballfield layout and dimensions.