Ballfield Dimensions & Reference Guide

It’s everything you need to lay out your ballfield like a pro.

Beacon Ballfield Dimensions GuideOur comprehensive guide includes everything need for how to layout your baseball diamond or softball field. In addition to the dimensions of nearly every type of field, it also includes how-tos and step-by-step information for things like setting base anchors and pitching rubbers, or building a warning track. When it comes to figuring out your soil needs, you’ll learn about soil tests, the various soil entities, and more. There’s even a series of time-saving calculators for estimating infield soil needs and how much soil is in your stockpile.

Beacon offers its newly updated and expanded guide in two formats:

  • The 48-page print edition (buy now) is a must-have for your tool shed or truck.
  • Our online, interactive version in case you don’t have the printed copy handy.


Ballfield Layout
Ballfield Dimensions
Field Amenities
Infield Soils
On-Field How-Tos
Mounds & Batter’s Boxes
Warning Tracks