Batter’s & Catcher’s Box

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Clay Fortification

For those using shredded bagged clay or clay bricks to help fortify the high wear areas in the boxes, approximate amounts needed are listed with each layout. The depth of clay needed is dependent on the type of cleats that will be predominantly used on that field. Rubber or plastic cleats can use a more shallow depth of clay or brick, while metal cleats should use the deeper depths.

There are three very important keys to the successful use of clay as fortification in your batter’s and catcher’s boxes. When these keys are properly followed, clay fortification will drastically reduce wear in these areas.

1) Repair worn areas in the clay regularly (preferably with new clay).

2) Add water to the clay areas as needed. Anytime these areas are exposed to the open air, evaporation is occurring. Whatever moisture Mother Nature has taken away, put that back into the clay.

3) During practices, use artificial turf mats over the clay areas to hold moisture in and keep wear to a minimum. Whenever the home plate area is not in use, keep it covered with a tarp to manage the moisture and minimize evaporation or limit potential over-wetting from rain or irrigation.

Box layout diagram
Recommended Amounts of Material
Beacon Pro Bricks Shredded Clay
BATTER’S BOX – 6 x 3 (per box) 18 76 bricks 140 bricks 14 bags 18 bags
CATCHER’S BOX – 4 x 4 18 68 bricks 124 bricks 12 bags 16 bags
* Each Beacon Pro Brick measures approximately 8-1/4"L x 4-1/8"W x 2-1/4"H depending upon moisture content; sold 250 bricks per pallet.