Ballfield Dimensions Guide

Infield Soil Overview

A ballfield’s integrity depends on the quality of its basic soil makeup. DuraEdge applies the scientific method and takes the guesswork out of infield amendment and construction. After rigorous testing and formulation, DuraEdge infield experts create custom blends of sand, silt and clay that result in the ideal infield mix for any facility — no matter how big or small. Major and minor league organizations, top collegiate programs, high schools and many parks & rec departments across the country trust DuraEdge with their ballfields.

Groundskeeper University, ProSlide, DuraEdge — Covering all the bases for safe & playable infields. Always protecting home.A topdressing (or conditioner) is the true playing surface of an infield. It must help retain moisture, ensure fair bounces, create a smooth sliding surface and add resiliency. The ProSlide line of topdressings and conditioners was developed to provide a perfect playing surface for safe and reliable play. It helps balance both firm and fast surfaces in hot, dry months as well as sticky and wet surfaces in rainy months. ProSlide is a great choice for any level.

Even the best infields will degrade over time if not properly maintained. Beacon Athletics offers a complete line of field maintenance products and we can help you learn how to properly maintain it through Groundskeeper University and our blog at With these tools and resources, any organization can maintain a safer and more playable infield that ballplayers will fondly remember for the rest of their lives.