10-inch Mound

Mound 10-inch diagram

The 10″ pitching mound is an 18′ diameter circle.

The center is located 59′ from the apex of home plate along an invisible line from the apex through the center of 2nd base. The front, center edge of the pitching rubber is located 60’6″ from the apex of home plate along this same line.

The top face of the pitching rubber should be elevated 10″ above home plate to ensure the proper slope on the front landing area. The front slope of the mound is a uniform 1 inch drop for every 1 foot towards home plate, beginning 6″ in front of the pitching rubber.

If desired, bagged clay or unfired clay brick can be added to the table and front slope of the mound to reduce digout and improve footing. This clay layer should be a minimum of 2½” – 4″ thick.

Table: APPROXIMATE VOLUME of DuraEdge blocks or DuraPitch / Blackstick clay

10-inch Mound Profile