Pitching Mounds

Softball Circle

Mound Dimensions

The Softball Pitching Circle is a 16' diameter circle (see Softball Pitcher's Circle Kit for Streamliner). The center is located along an invisible line extending from the apex of home plate through the center of 2nd base. The front, center edge of the pitching rubber is located in the center of the 8' radius pitching circle. The distance of the pitching rubber from the apex of home plate varies from 35' – 50'. Consult the Softball Field Dimensions Diagram earlier in this guide for the appropriate distance for your governing body and league.

The “Pitcher’s Lane” is a chalked lane within the softball pitching circle. Softball pitchers are required to stay within this lane when delivering a pitch to the plate. To mark the chalk lines for this lane, run a string line from the front corners of the pitching rubber and extend the string lines to the front inside corners of the batter’s boxes at home plate. Only chalk along the string lines within the softball pitching circle.

The pitcher’s lane is 3' 4" wide and 8' long. If desired, bagged clay or unfired clay brick can be added to the pitcher’s lane to reduce digout and improve footing. This clay layer should be a minimum of 2-¼" – 4" thick.

Circle Materials
Beacon Pro Bricks Shredded Clay
TOTAL AREA 27 109 bricks 199 bricks 20 bags 26 bags
Use of clay is recommended only on mounds where proper maintenance practices can be followed regularly.