Field Dimensions Guide

Space Needs of a Ballfield


How much space will you need?

There are several factors that you should consider when you are determining how much space you need to build a ballfield or a complex. In many cases, it is not just the ball diamond that is being built. Often there are additional features to consider: dugouts, bathrooms, concession areas, storage facilities, bleachers, drainage swales, parking — even buffer zones — that may need to be built as well.

For the ballfield portion, these tables give you estimates for the area typically needed for the most common size ballfields. These sizes include adequate space for field amenities, such as bleachers, dugouts, fences, lights and scoreboards.

Remember, your parking lot is a piece of the puzzle, too. It can use up a lot of space in a hurry. Factor in twenty spaces as a starting point. That’s the minimum number of parking spaces for a ballfield. Twenty spaces require approximately 0.3 acre, and you’ll need another 0.015 acre for each additional parking space.

Baseball Field Space Needs
90 ft bases with 400 ft fence 4.5 acres
80 ft bases with 315 ft fence 3 acres
70 ft bases with 275 ft fence 2 acres
60 ft bases with 215 ft fence 1.5 acres
Softball Field Space Needs
65 ft bases with 275 ft fence 2.5 acres
60 ft bases with 200 ft fence 1.5 acres