Ballfield Dimensions Guide

Topdressing Amounts

About Topdressing

A great way to manage playability is to add topdressing to your infield skin. It will greatly improve your ability to maintain your infield, provide a consistent playing surface, and adapt to the challenges from varying moisture levels. The types of topdressing are:

ProSlide Engineered TopdressingEXPANDED SHALE: Sheds most water. Sedimentary shale rock, crushed and fired to 2000°F. The final screened product absorbs some water, but sheds the majority of it. ProSlide Topdressing.

ProSlide Engineered ConditionerCALCINED CLAY: Absorbs most water. A clay that is heated to 1200° – 1400°F until its physical characteristics do not change whether the clay particle is wet or dry. The final screened product has strong capillary action, thereby absorbing large amounts of water. It can then release moisture back into the soil as it dries. ProSlide Conditioner.


  • Makes managing infield skin much easier
  • Prevents wet infield soil from sticking to cleats in rain games
  • Improves playing consistency of the infield skin surface
  • Provides a professional sliding surface to improve player safety
  • Allows you to add more water to infield skin just before a game
  • Dries faster than infield soil to allow for quicker re-entry onto the field after rain
  • Provides flexibility to use either type of topdressing, or a blend, to get the best overall result


We believe there is one clear leader when it comes to engineered infield soils: DuraEdge. Others may say their mixes are engineered, but only DuraEdge has proven consistency with soil test results. Their soils outperform all others with proper sand sizing & distribution, as well as very unique clay minerology. Most importantly, they can replicate the production consistently across the U.S., something no other producer can do.

Topdressing Amounts

Reference this table for approximate amounts of DuraEdge Infield Topdressing needed. Topdressing is a vital tool used on the surface of an infield skin to manage your field’s playability in various moisture conditions. Topdressing should be maintained between 1/8″ and 1/4″ thick, but no deeper.

How to apply topdressing: If distributing in bulk (dump truck or supersack), spread evenly using a topdresser. If using 50 lb bags, place bags evenly spaced around your infield skin. Begin dumping bags and spread using a rake, level board and steel mat drag with leveling bar.