Ballfield Dimensions Guide

Understanding Soil Test Results

An infield soil test is the first step in improving the performance of an existing infield. Soil testing is a valuable tool that ballfield groundskeepers have to help solve issues with a problem infield soil. It exposes any issues an infield may have. You can’t fix something if you don’t know what’s wrong with it. Soil test result samples

When you submit an infield soil sample to Beacon Athletics or DuraEdge, a 2-sided report like these samples will provide critical quantitative data and recommendations. These soil reports are based on the Engineered Soil Technology developed by DuraEdge. The EST Analysis Chart provides:

  1. Overall sand content
  2. Silt content
  3. Clay content
  4. Medium sand content
  5. Silt to clay ratio (SCR)
  6. Facility classification based on maintenance level and water access

After acting on the recommendations from your initial analysis, subsequent test results will be taken so you can see the progress and transformation of your soil makeup.

The Infield Needs Analysis Report provides the analysis and a suggested action plan. The report includes:

  1. Graphical representation of your SCR
  2. Infield type / infield classification
  3. Infield symptoms (issues you are likely experiencing)
  4. Diagnosis of causes
  5. Prescription for playability (what needs to be added to balance the soil make-up)
  6. Prognosis (what results you can expect)