Game-Changer: The FuseLink Overload Protection System

Beacon FuseLinkFew products can stake a legit claim as a “game-changer”. But Beacon’s patent-pending FuseLink definitely qualifies. Both for its innovation and its importance. FuseLink is engineered to protect your cable tension systems, and your big investment.

Beacon FuseLinkTypical cable tension systems for net backstops or batting cages have trouble handing structural stresses caused by high winds or excessive weight from ice and snow. Lacking an engineered solution, sports field designers tend to either over-design their system — commonly using expensive, over-built poles — or they will under-design the system and ultimately pay the price of costly structural pole failures.

The FuseLink Solution.

Beacon’s game-changing solution delivers a “calculated release point” to maintain structural integrity in high wind or heavy load conditions. Much like electrical fuses which are designed to prevent catastrophic electrical damage, FuseLink is “designed to fail” at a pre-determined stress level (shown in the photo). In simple terms, FuseLink will intentionally release stress on your structure by allowing for slack in your cable tension, thereby protecting the most expensive part of any lift & tension system — the poles.

Beacon FuseLinkEvery sports organization is faced with the challenge of keeping fans safe while building and maintaining an attractive, cost-effective facility. FuseLink brings peace of mind with structural integrity. In the event of a controlled FuseLink stress release, the time & cost to recover the system is a fraction of the costs you encounter from total failure.

FuseLink’s patent-pending design can be deployed to protect any Beacon cable-tensioned system. From large backstop netting systems to cable-tensioned batting cages, FuseLink protects your investment — even our newest fan-protecting product, the Bleacher Defender, which provides shade and foul ball protection for fans sitting in the bleachers.

Protect your fans, as well as your investment.

Beacon FuseLinkAs large netting systems to protect spectators are installed at more and more sports facilities, the need to get it right the first time is a constant. Most facilities have the opportunity to invest in a netting system only one time. For that reason, it is critical to make sure your system is engineered to last and designed to be aesthetically pleasing, providing fans with a safe game experience and unmatched sightlines.

A well-designed Beacon cable-tensioned system using the FuseLink Protection System will help you protect visitors — and your investment. That makes FuseLink a game-changer. Contact us to bring FuseLink-ready systems to your facility.


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