Just One Good Flush

Keep your hose and nozzle clean and you’ll notice the difference…

So, you’ve got your infield all groomed and you are ready to bring out the hose to give the infield skin a nice big drink. You hook the hose up to your quick-coupler, screw on the nozzle and proceed to turn the quick-coupler on. You stroll over to the infield skin edge with the nozzle at the ready. You twist the nozzle to activate the flow of water and it comes on.

But, unfortunately some infield topdressing or warning track material — or even grass clippings — got into the hose. They have now been forced up into the nozzle, which can totally change your nozzle’s spray pattern as you attempt to lay down the water that is so crucial for your infield skin.

How do you avoid this problem? It’s simple — flush your hose. Checkout this video tip from Groundskeeper University (Module 105: Moisture Management) that will help you prevent this from occurring. Just one good flush. That’s all it takes.

Paul Zwaska (contributor)

A former head groundskeeper for the Baltimore Orioles, Paul has been a frequent contributor to Beacon’s Ballfield Blog and other resources and products. Among other contributions to Beacon, he authored Groundskeeper University, the pioneering online ballfield maintenance training venue.