Ballfield Dimensions Guide

Baseball Field Dimensions Diagram

Age Range: 9-10 yrs
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[Baseball field dimensions diagram]Base DistanceBase Distance1st Base Runner's LaneInfield HypotenuseInfield Arc RadiusCoach's Box from Foul LineCoach's Box LengthCoach's Box WidthDistance to BackstopMinimum Fence DistanceMinimum Fence DistanceMinimum Centerfield Fence DistanceMound RadiusPitching Rubber DistanceCenter of MoundMound HeightHome Plate RadiusBase Cutout RadiusBase Cutout RadiusBase Cutout Radius1st & 3rd Baseline WidthInfield Grass to Baseline Distance (1st to 2nd to 3rd)
See Batter's & Catcher's Box
[Batter's & catcher's box diagram]Batter's Box LengthBatter's Box Width