Should you buy an Ultralite High-Pressure hose?

In a word, yes. The biggest reason is they are considerably lighter for your crew to carry around. Compare the weight of Beacon’s 100′ 1″ ProFlex hose at 42 lbs to the 100′ 1″ Ultralite hose weighing only 18 lbs. That’s less than half the weight. Don’t let the cloth-like exterior of the Ultralite hoses fool you. The Ultralite is actually very durable — it lasts 3 to 4 years on average, or even longer depending on care and handling. Plus, they come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. We highly recommend using an ultralite hose… so, do yourself & your crew a favor and order your Ultralite High Pressure hose today.

Paul Zwaska (contributor)

A former head groundskeeper for the Baltimore Orioles, Paul has been a frequent contributor to Beacon’s Ballfield Blog and other resources and products. Among other contributions to Beacon, he authored Groundskeeper University, the pioneering online ballfield maintenance training venue.