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This podcast is dedicated to the artistry and science of sports field management. Diamond Davincis celebrates the men and women in the sports field industry whose fields are their canvas. This podcast will discuss ballfields and their artists at all levels — from the little leagues to the bigs, and everywhere in between. From time to time we may venture into the world of football and soccer groundskeeping. Golf? Forget about it! They have their own shows. We hope to educate, inform and entertain you with interviews from around the sports field management industry. Give your mind a break while working on your fields and give us a listen. Email questions directly to

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Diamond DaVincis
Diamond DaVincis
And the Award Goes to... (December 30, 2015)

As we round the corner to the new year and begin our many turfgrass meetings Paul and Theresa provide their take on the “green carpet.” It’s a little silly, Theresa sounds like Kathleen Turner and Paul is especially weird this week. In all seriousness, however, we’re talking to Bob Christofferson (Head Groundskeeper, Seattle Mariners), Mike Boettcher (Head Groundskeeper, Milwaukee Brewers) and Dave Mellor (Head Groundskeeper, Boston Red Sox) about this year’s inductee to the Major League Groundskeepers Hall of Fame. And we’ll finish up by reviewing 2015’s STMA Field of the Year award winners.


And the Award Goes to… (December 30, 2015)

Gary Vanden Berg and Mike Boettcher
Mike Boettcher & Gary Vanden Berg
2010 Gary Vanden Berg, Mike Boettcher, Miranda Bintley
Miranda Bintly, Gary Vanden Berg & Mike Boettcher

Several years ago the Major League Baseball Head Groundskeepers voted to begin their own Hall of Fame. The program is still in its infancy, but that doesn’t make the inductees any less important. In our two interviews today we’ll first talk with Bob Christofferson (Head Groundskeeper, Seattle Mariners) about the MLB Head Groundskeepers Hall of Fame itself, how it started and where it’s headed. Bob will also talk to us about Gary Vanden Berg (Former Head Groundskeeper and Director of Grounds, Milwaukee Brewers) who is this years inductee and for whom the award will be now be named.

For our Outta the Park interview we asked Mike Boettcher (Head Groundskeeper, Milwaukee Brewers) and Dave Mellor (Head Groundskeeper, Boston Red Sox) to tell us about their time working with Gary and why knowing him as a person and as a boss was so meaningful to them.

Then, to finish things up Paul and Theresa review this year’s winners of STMA’s Field of the Year and the Minor League Baseball Sports Turf Managers of the Year.

Segments: Special Interview, Outta the Park

Guests: Bob Christofferson (Head Groundskeeper, Seattle Mariners), Michael Boettcher (Head Groundskeeper, Milwaukee Brewers), Dave Mellor (Head Groundskeeper, Boston Red Sox)

▶ Special Interview:
Members of the Major League Baseball Groundskeepers Hall of Fame:
Inaugural inductees for 2012: Emil Bossard (Cleveland Indians), and George Toma (Kansas City Royals)
2013: Joe Mooney (Boston Red Sox,)
2014: Dick Erickson (Minnesota Twins) and Harry Gill (Milwaukee Brewers)
2015: Pete Flynn (New York Metts) and Pat Santarone (Baltimore Orioles)
2016: Gary Vanden Berg (Milwaukee Brewers)

▶ Outta the Park:
Vanden Berg brought a lot of green to our lives
Milwaukee Brewers’ Rainy Day Miracle 1998, SportsTURF. Article featuring Dave Mellor and Gary Vanden Berg and the near disastrous rain storm that hit their field unexpectedly during the 1997 season.

▶ STMA and Minor League Baseball 2015 Winners:
STMA Field of the Year and Minor League Baseball Sports Field Managers of the Year

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