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This podcast is dedicated to the artistry and science of sports field management. Diamond Davincis celebrates the men and women in the sports field industry whose fields are their canvas. This podcast will discuss ballfields and their artists at all levels — from the little leagues to the bigs, and everywhere in between. From time to time we may venture into the world of football and soccer groundskeeping. Golf? Forget about it! They have their own shows. We hope to educate, inform and entertain you with interviews from around the sports field management industry. Give your mind a break while working on your fields and give us a listen. Email questions directly to

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Diamond DaVincis
Diamond DaVincis
Blow it Out Your Irrigation Pipes (November 18, 2015)

Today we’re talking with Ross Kurcab (Championship Turf; Former Head Groundskeeper, Denver Broncos) about basic football field maintenance as the weather gets colder and the grass begins it’s winter sleep. Join us also for a Bullpen segment looking at the how Northern and Southern managers have different time demands over the winter as well as the triumphant return of the Turf Science segment with “Wear Tolerance Vol 2.”


Blow it Out Your Irrigation Pipes (November 18, 2015)

Ski Jump Wrigley
Yep, That’s a SKI JUMP on Wrigley Field. Note also, it was set up for a football game before the structure and snow were placed! Source

Today we’re beginning with another Bullpen segment where Paul and Theresa discuss the differences between time demands of Northern and Southern turf managers and circle around a little to look at an idea for managers facing increased use demands on their fields. Then it’s time for a football fueled Outta the Park interview with Ross Kurcab (Championship Turf; Former Head Groundskeeper, Denver Broncos) who schools us on the ins and outs of field maintenance in the colder months including: winter crew management, planning game day scenarios for winter weather, painting tricks and tips for colder temperatures, and two really great discussions about winterizing your irrigation and the benefits of a dormant seeding program.

Finally, when you least expect it, Turf Science returns! Theresa tries to force Paul to talk about the physiology behind wear tolerance but Paul outwits her yet again and manages to hijack the discussion. Theresa instead talks about the science involved in defeating a major wear event Paul experience back at Oriole Park.

Segments: Bullpen, Outta the Park, Turf Science

Guests: Ross Kurcab (Championship Turf; Former Head Groundskeeper, Denver Broncos)

▶ Outta the Park:
Ross’s Email Address
Twitter: @naturalgrassman
– Championship Sports Turf Systems Phone Number: 888-498-1117
Snow Removal on Natural and Synthetic Athletic Surfaces revised document prepared by Ryan McGillivray, CSFM; Reviewed by Dennis Brolin and 2015 STMA Information Outreach Committee

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