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This podcast is dedicated to the artistry and science of sports field management. Diamond Davincis celebrates the men and women in the sports field industry whose fields are their canvas. This podcast will discuss ballfields and their artists at all levels — from the little leagues to the bigs, and everywhere in between. From time to time we may venture into the world of football and soccer groundskeeping. Golf? Forget about it! They have their own shows. We hope to educate, inform and entertain you with interviews from around the sports field management industry. Give your mind a break while working on your fields and give us a listen. Email questions directly to

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Diamond DaVincis
Diamond DaVincis
O' Brother, Where Art Paul? (September 10, 2015)

O’ calm down, he’s here. But Theresa’s taking over in this episode where we finish our High/Low discussion on sand and soil rootzones and spend the Outta the Park interview talking with Dr. John Sorochan (University of Tennessee). Then Paul wraps up with his own science love in the Meteorology Minute.


O’ Brother, Where Art Paul? (September 10, 2015)

O’ calm down, he’s here. But Theresa’s taking over in this edition of the Diamond DaVincis podcast. We’ll start the episode by finishing up our High/Low segment about sand and soil rootzones from Episode 10 with a little talk about nutrient management differences between the two and with different budgets. Then it’s time to sit down with Dr. John Sorochan (Associate Professor, University of Tennessee) for an Outta the Park interview focused on some of the latest work being done in athletic turf research. And in the Meteorology Minute Paul takes his turn to geek out on the weather prediction process for this fall and winter.

Segments: High/Low, Outta the Park, Meteorology Minute

Guests: Dr. John Sorochan

▶ High/Low:
Downloadable PDF from the STMA on proper soil sampling procedures. Also includes tips for understanding your nutritional soil sample results

▶ Outta the Park:
TAFT Tennessee Athletic Field Tester pictures

▶ Meteorology Minute:
The State Climate office of North Carolina has a terrific site describing most of the oscillations that effect North America directly. This includes the ENSO (El Niño Southern Oscillation), the AO (Arctic Oscillation) and the NAO (North Atlantic Oscillation), the PNA (the Pacific North American pattern) and the PDO (Pacific Decadal Oscillation). This site gives a good description and breakdown of what they are and how they work.
Wikipedia Arctic Oscillation
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