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This podcast is dedicated to the artistry and science of sports field management. Diamond Davincis celebrates the men and women in the sports field industry whose fields are their canvas. This podcast will discuss ballfields and their artists at all levels — from the little leagues to the bigs, and everywhere in between. From time to time we may venture into the world of football and soccer groundskeeping. Golf? Forget about it! They have their own shows. We hope to educate, inform and entertain you with interviews from around the sports field management industry. Give your mind a break while working on your fields and give us a listen. Email questions directly to

Meet the Hosts

Our Outta the Park interview with Amy Fouty (Sports Turf Manager, Michigan State University) talks about managing all of MSU’s sports surfaces – college turf management is a a huge job and for Amy most of it involves real turf under non-ideal growing conditions. But she and the MSU athletic department are committed to making it work. In the Bullpen we talk about the creep of artificial turf into the sports industry and finish things off in Tools of Trade talking about turf/growth blankets.


You CAN Handle the Turf (October 21, 2015)

We thought this episode would mainly be focused on different ways to fight the creep of artificial turf into our lives, but though we start off with a Bullpen segment full of good ideas we learned something very interesting in talking with Amy Fouty (Sports Turf Manager, Michigan State University) in our Outta the Park interview… you see, Amy is in a remarkable position where she and her athletic department and MSU are all committed to keeping the traditions of an agricultural university alive by avoiding artificial turf as much as possible. It was fascinating to learn about how much more effective the hard work of her and her staff has been because they’re working within a system dedicated to agricultural pursuits. Managing all of the sports fields and athletic seasons for a University is a lot of work and Amy has found a great balance for herself and her staff all year long.

And since we seem to be focused on the coming winter lately, we’re doing a Tools of the Trade segment where we focus on turf blankets (or growth blankets, call them what you want, just don’t call them tarps). Theresa and Paul talk about how they differ from tarps in construction and use and then go over some of the basics for their employ in a range of climates.

Segments: Bullpen, Outta the Park, Tools of the Trade

Guests: Amy Fouty (Sports Turf Manager, Michigan State University)

▶ Tools of the Trade:
Do Your Fields Need a Turf Blanket by Jim Hermann, CSFM (President, Total Control Inc.)

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