9 Tips for Smarter Finishing Grooming & Dragging

Dragging & grooming of the infield skin deserves the utmost attention to detail and finesse. Improper dragging techniques can result in problems ranging from severe lip buildup to poor skin surface drainage. These problems will create maintenance nightmares for you and ultimately have a negative impact on the playability and safety of these fields for ballplayers of any age.

There is a wealth of information in our Groundskeeper University lessons in the module about Infield Skin Game Day Prep, including helpful lessons about scarifying, float dragging, and dragging patterns. I highly recommend referencing those in addition to the procedural tips below.

9 Tips for Better Finish Grooming and Dragging:

  1. Choose a finish grooming tool that works best on your infield skin materials.
  3. Go slowest when cornering to prevent bowling out the infield skin area.
  4. Stay six inches or so away from turf edges to reduce lip buildup!
  5. Use a leveling bar ahead of the drag to spread out piles of soil and topdressing.
  6. Use a hand drag, drag broom, or level board to groom cutouts and baselines.
  7. If infield grade is perfect, end your dragging in the same spot it was started.
  8. To repair poor surface grade, start your dragging in high areas and end in low areas.
  9. Rotate starting and ending locations to prevent creating new high and low spots.
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